Witty Rhino Club has implemented ERC-721A Smart Contract

Witty Rhino Club NFT
2 min readApr 21, 2022

Witty Rhino Club has implemented ERC721A, a feature in the smart contract that allows you to mint multiple NFTs while paying the reducing gas fees.

Inspired by the innovation of Azuki, we made a few simple improvements and we called it ERC721A.

We are very aware of the gas issues on Ethereum preventing people from minting in good conditions. Our goal with the ERC721A is to minimize the gas burden for our community as much as we can. You will be able to mint 5 Witty Rhino Club NFT and pay almost as much gas as if you minted one or two.

For Witty Rhino Club, we reduced the size of the ERC721A contract by removing the use of structs in the solidity code. This simple trick saved a few KB of compiled storage for us and little gas fees for you. This is how ERC721A came to be.

A reminder of the awesome ERC721A Optimization by Azuki

Feature 1: removing duplicate storage from OpenZeppelin’s ERC721Enumerable

Feature 2: updating owner balance once

Feature 3: updating owner data once

The above three optimizations are how ERC721A is able to achieve minting multiple NFTs for nearly the same gas as minting just one. You can find a detailed post of Azuki’s ERC721A here

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